Xantipa II - Introduction

Xantipa II F3J sailplane

The design of the model results from long experience of the constructor in the F3J category and is optimized for top-performance contest flying. The construction allows extremely fast starts with maximum of height. The used airfoil gives the model a wide range of useable speeds

Xantipa II F3J sailplane

Xantipa II - Details

Xantipa II F3J sailplane
Category: F3J
Conception: Tree part wing, V-tail
Wing span: 3440 mm
Length: 1520 mm
Wing area: 68 dm2
Elevator area: 7 dm2
Wing airfoil: MH 32 mod
Elevator airfoil: SD8025
Weight: from 2200 g as F3J
Ballast: Not availible
Maximum servo width: wing center: 15 mm, wing tip: 13 mm ,fuselage: 15 mm
Wing glass-balsa-glass, D-box or carbon-balsa-glass
Spar UMS Carbon
Tailplane glass-balsa-glass
Fuselage carbon-glass


Xantipa II - Settings

Xantipa II F3J sailplane

Settings table for Eagle

Trim positions Flaps Ailreons Elevator Rudder
Termik 2 in line with flap 0,5 0
Speed 2 in line with flap 1 0
Start 9 4 1 0
Butterfly max down 5 3 0
Deflections Flaps Ailreons Elevator Rudder
Termic 0 14/5 6/6 6/7
(on tip)
Speed 0 18/7
(on tip)
6/6 0
Start 0 18/8
(on tip)
6/6 8/10
Butterfly 0 18/7
(on tip)
6/6 8/10
Towhook: 143 mm from end of cabin.
Center of gravity: from the leading edge 96 mm
up deflection/down deflection

Xantipa II - Pictures

Xantipa II F3J sailplane

Model and details

Xantipa II - Prices

X-21 F3B sailplane

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