Models in F3J category are desinged for thermal soaring. According rules airplane must maximum fly time in flying time 10 minutes.
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Xantipa II

The design of the model results from long experience of the constructor in the F3J category and is optimized for top-performance contest flying. The construction allows extremely fast starts with maximum of height. The used airfoil gives the model a wide range of useable speeds

Xantipa II basic properties
Xantipa II Wing span: 3440 mm
Wing area: 68 dm2
Tailplane area: 7 dm2
Weight: from 2200 g

The preceding X-Tail version has fulfilled the goal for which it was designed. This is shown mainly by the victory of Andreas Böhlen in the Eurotour Contest in Salzburg and Hans Rossman at the Hohe Wand 2008 and many others placed in the contests. The whole conception of the model was kept. The V-Tail is made of 2 pieces. The standard version is made for the 2.4 GHz system...

X-21 v-tail

Model made for flying in the F3B, F3F and F3J categories. T he model is made in fullcarbon version, which can withstand more stress. The F3J version of the model is lighter. The flying performance suits beginner F3x pilots also.

X-21 v-tail basic properties
Eagle x-tail Wing span: 3200 mm
Wing area: 60,4 dm2
Tailplane area: 6,2 dm2
Weight: from 2100 g
Desing and Programing: Michal Michna - 2009
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