The company was founded in 1992 with the goal to manufacture models for the F3x categories. At the same time a partnership with the Robbe company was established, for which we made parts for their production. We took part in the manufacturing of the fuselages for the helicopters Futura, Futura Royal, Zenit, and the F5B model Limit.

World Championship 2006 of F3J category - Martin, Jiri Tuma and Thomas Tuma with F3J model Xantipa II Günter Aichholzer with F3B Eagle - cross tail Lauch F3J models on contest.


From our own production comes the F3J model Xantipa. This model used the latest construction techniques of its time, with the contest results in this to prove it. In 1994 I won the Eurocup series, in the next year I finished 3rd in the same series.

Thomas Tuma Landing F3J model on Wold Championship Jiri Tuma and F3B model Eagle with v-tail.

In the following years, more models were introduced to the market: Xantipa II, a fully composite F3J model, and X21, mainly for F3B use.


The Eagle model, designed by many time representative of Austria, Gunther Aichholzer. Represents the modern construction and design of a current F3B model.This model is sold only by Gunther Aichholzer.

The next result in the cooperation with Gunther Aichholzer was the F3B model Evolution X-Tail version. In the present, the model is also manufactured as a V-Tail version. The Evolution is a successful competition model, the best results include the 1st place of Andreas Bohlen in Salzburg 2008, 2nd place of Andreas Bohlen in Munchen 2007, good placings of Gunther Aichholzer in Eurotour contests and 1st place of Hans Rossman at the Hohe Wand 2008.

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