Evolution x-tail - Introduction

Evolution F3B sailplane

The contest model Evolution is made for the F3B model category. The design by Günther AichHolzer follows the current trend in the development of models for this category. This means a small fuselage diameter, a thinner wing and smaller wing area in comparison to the model Eagle.

Electro modification for the Evolution model.

Evolution F3B sailplane


LThe airfoil is from Max Steidle (Wing: M 1580 and M1585, other: M08), who also made airfoils for models such as the Crossfire or Tool. He deserves acknowledgments. The Evolution is the first serial produced model with no control horns on the outside To reach the maximal precision in the prototype production, a 3D mill cutter was used. The programs were made with the help of our webmaster, Michal Michna.


The wing of the model has a slight V form. The surfaces are moved using a torsion control. Ballast is placed in the wings. The standard version is a wing sandwich made of carbon fibre, Rohacel and glass fibre. The spar of the wing is made of UMS carbon. The fuselage, mostly of carbon has an improved system of elevator control and a reinforced rudder construction. The diameter is kept to a minimum.

Evolution x-tail - Details

Evolution F3B sailplane
Category: F3B
Conception: Two part wing, two part elevator, x-tail
Wing span: 3130 mm
Length: 1490 mm
Wing area: 59,58 dm2
Elevator area: 5,02 dm2
Wing airfoil: M 1580 and M1585
Elevator airfoil: SD8025
Weight: from 2150g
Ballast: 900g
Maximum servo width: wing center: 12 mm (Futaba S3150 or Airtronics 94761Z) , wing tip: 12 mm (Futaba S3150), fuselage: 12 mm (Graupner 3871)
Wing carbon-rohacel-glass or carbon-rohacel-carbon
Spar UMS Carbon
Tailplane glass-balsa-glass
Fuselage carbon-glass


Evolution x-tail - Performance

Evolution F3B sailplane

Default color schemes

White color scheme

Used colours:

Blue color scheme:

Used colours:

Orange color scheme

Used colours:

Yellow color scheme

Used colours:

White-Red color scheme

Used colours:

  • White scheme
  • Blue scheme
  • Yellow scheme
  • Orange scheme
  • White-red scheme

Custom color scheme desinger

  • RAL 9003
  • RAL 1016
  • Jitom Orange
  • Jitom Blue
  • Jitom Green
  • RAL 3020
  • RAL 4005
  • RAL 4006
  • RAL 5015
  • RAL 7031
  • Carbon fibre
  • RAL 5002
  • RAL 9005
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HELP/INSTRUCTIONS Here is picture, where areas are described.
  1. Click on one block in area -3-.
  2. Click on one color in "Color palete", area -1-.
  3. Wait until progressbar set to status done.
  4. Access to control hide/show layer in "Options", area -2-.
  5. Change view availaible after click on current picture in area -5-
  6. In send an order, use code in area -4- (or PrintScreen). Export to image file is not available yet.

Evolution x-tail - Mounting

Evolution F3B sailplane

Torsion "RDS" servo drive...

Thin and precision servo driving surfaces. Instalation instruction...

  1. To form the cogwheel of the servo into the aluminium use a good liquid mould-release. You can use slightly thickened Epoxy for this.

  2. You have two different bended steel. The more bended (55 deg.) is for flap and the other one (40 deg) for aileron.

  3. First you have to fix the servo-mount in the wing. Make a drawing on the wing like shown on the picture and glue the servo mount in the right position.

  4. Next step is to glue the brass-tube into the bar.

  5. Last step is to glue the bended steel into the aluminium. To gauge it on the right place you take a long time-epoxy and mount it in the wing. Then you must move the flap up and down two or three times and the steel will gauge automaticly. Fix the flap in a neutral position and wait 12 hours. Make sure that the little screw on the aluminium is on the upper side !!!!

  6. After all use a teflon-grease on the steel and the slot. This helps to minimize abrasion and radial clearance in the future.

    For the installation of Futaba servos S3150/S3155 for the RDS linkage we recommend these servo frames: http://www.rcsolutions.ch/index.php?show=64 

Evolution x-tail - Settings

Evolution F3B sailplane

Settings templates

EVOLUTION wing settings template

Settings table for EVOLUTION

Trim positions Flaps Ailreons Elevator Rudder
Normal 0 0 0 0
Termik 3 0,5 to flap 0 0
Speed 0 0 0,7 0
Start 14 1 to flap 0 0
Butterfly max down 5 3 0
Deflections Flaps Ailreons Elevator Rudder
Normal 7/5 22/19 11/10 15/15
Termic 0 25/0 11/10 15/15
Speed 7/6 22/15 11/10 0
Start 0 25/0 8/7 15/15
Butterfly 0 20/12 11/10 15/15
Wing mix Elevator->Flaps+Ailreons Ailreons->Rudder
Normal 4+3 10/10
Termik - 10/10
Speed 4+3 0
Butterfly - 15/15
Towhook: 121 mm from end of cabin.
Center of gravity: from the leading edge 96-98 mm
up deflection/down deflection

Elevator neutral

Evolution x-tail - Pictures

Evolution F3B sailplane

Final model

Franta Sobotka training day - 18.6.2009

CAD - CAM pre-production form

Virtual testing servos in fuse

Pre-production color scheme

Production first prototype models

Evolution v-tail - Prices

Evolution F3B sailplane

Pricelist, model versions and order

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