Eagle v-tail - Introduction

Evolution F3B sailplane

Model for use in F3B and F3F categories. It is produced in cooperation and under the design of the Austrian represent Guenter Aichholzer. It fulfills all the requests put on a F3B model. The tail has a v-conception. This construction makes it possible to lower the flying weight.

end production Eagle F3B sailplane

Eagle v-tail - Details

Evolution F3B sailplane
Category: F3B,F3F
Conception: Two part wing, two part elevator, V-tail
Wing span: 3200 mm
Length: 1540 mm
Wing area: 63,88 dm2
Elevator area: 6,4 dm2
Wing airfoil: HQ 1,6/7,5 mod
Elevator airfoil: SD8025
Weight: from 2200g
Ballast: 800g
Maximum servo width: wing center: 13 mm (Futaba S3150 or Airtronics 94761Z) , wing tip: 10 mm (Futaba S3150), fuselage: 15 mm (Graupner 3871)
Wing carbon-rohacel-glass or carbon-rohacel-carbon
Spar UMS Carbon
Tailplane glass-balsa-glass
Fuselage carbon-glass

Eagle v-tail - Settings

Evolution F3B sailplane

Settings table for Eagle

Trim positions Flaps Ailreons Elevator Rudder
Normal 0 0 0 0
Termik 4 in line with flap 0 0
Speed -1,5 in line with flap 1 0
Start 12 in line with flap 1 0
Butterfly max down 5 3 0
Deflections Flaps Ailreons Elevator Rudder
Normal 0 10/6
(on tip)
6/6 7/8
(on tip)
Termic 0 6/3 6/6 4/5
(on tip)
Speed 50%/50%
(% of ailreon)
(on tip)
12/6 1,5/2
Start 0 8/4
(on tip)
6/6 7/8
Butterfly 0 10/6
(on tip)
6/6 7/8
Towhook: 128 mm from end of cabin.
Center of gravity: from the leading edge 97 mm
up deflection/down deflection

Eagle v-tail - Pictures

Evolution F3B sailplane

Model and details

Eagle v-tail - Prices

Eagle F3B sailplane

Pricelist, model versions and order

Model version
  Price Note
F3B CFK-UMS 1040,- CFK - carbon version, UMS- carbon composite with high stiffness
F3B individual reinforced from 1040,- Version is reinforced using demand specification from customer or after consulting with manufacturer.
Aluminium bubblewrap-foil 35,-
All prices are in Euro and valid for 2009, excluding transport and tax. To order, using e-mail adress: jitom@jitom.com
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