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Extasy F3B sailplane


The model is manufactured by Jiri Tuma. Jiri created a special technology to make wings stiff and light enough for this thin airfoil. Also special is the space between fuselage and wing and V-tail as shown on the pictures . This will help to reduce interferences and drag. The model is built in double-carbon with carbon V-tail. Fuselage same as EXTASY in carbon and nose-cone 2,4 Ghz ready (Kevlar-Glas). There are 5-ballast tubes (3 in the joiner and 2 in the wing) which allows 1800g only with use of brass! No expensive wolfram needed ! Gunther flew this model 3 weeks after maidenflight on the last contest of the season on the „Oktoberfestpokal“ in munich and won the senior award. If you are interested, please contact us.

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Avatar F3B sailplane
Category: F3B
Concept: Two part wing, two part elevator, v-tail
Wing span: 3150 mm
Length: 1490 mm
Wing area: 55 dm2
V-tail angle: ~ 100°
V-tail area: 5,10 dm2
Wing airfoil: Dirk Pflug Avatar
Elevator airfoil: Dirk Pflug Avatar
Weight: from 2050g
Ballast: 1800g
Maximum servo width: wing center: 10 mm (Futaba S3150 or Graupner DS 3288) , wing tip: 10 mm (Futaba S3150), fuselage: 12 mm (Graupner 3871)
Wing carbon-carbon
Spar HT Carbon
Tailplane carbon-glass
Fuselage carbon-glass-kevlar


None at this moment.

Avatar - Settings

Avatar F3B sailplane

Settings table for Avatar by Güenter Aichholzer

Trim positions Flaps Ailreons Elevator Rudder
Normal 0 0 0 0
Thermal 3 down 3 down 0 0
Speed 1 up 1 up 1 down 0
Start 13 down -2 1 down 0
Butterfly 50 down 5 up 5 down 0
Deflections Flaps Ailreons Elevator Rudder
Distance 6/5 20/12 7/4 10/10
Thermal 0 25/0 7/4 10/10
Speed 5/4 20/14 6/4 0
Towhook: 139 mm from end of cabin to front of hook.
Center of gravity: from the leading edge 88 mm Thermic, 92mm Distance, Speed
up deflection/down deflection in milimeters

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Avatar F3B sailplane

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Avatar F3B sailplane


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Avatar F3B sailplane

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