Here the manufacturing technology of composite models is described.It is a modern manufacturing technology, where it is possible to reproduce the different model parts with precision using premade moulds. The composite material is made from different kinds of fibre soaked in a bonding agent (resin). High stiffness can be reached at low weights.

Single parts of the models (wing, fuselage, tail) are laminated into negative moulds using vacuum. The wing has a sendwich construction in the versions glass-filling (balsa or herex)-glass, carbon-filling-glass, carbon-filling-carbon, depending on the model and the customer wish. The surface of the model is colored using car-colors, making all kinds of color schemes possible.

Construction performance

Cut through construction - old version

GFK Version (glass-filling-glass):

zoom picture

CFK Version (glass-filling-carbon):

zoom picture

„Double Carbon“ version (carbon-filling-carbon):

zoom picture

And how does this technology look in reality?

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